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Knee Recall Lawsuits

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Important Health and Legal Concerns with Zimmer Knee Implants 

For a long time, Zimmer has been making orthopedic solutions for purposes of managing knee problems to boost motion range, but the FDA has recalled some of the company's products after the discovery of serious flaws. The FDA recalled the Zimmer Persona knee implant after the discovery that it can get loose early and result in additional problems. If you've used a Zimmer knee replacement solution and suffered injury, the information below covers the health and legal issues around use of the products and what options for redress that you may consider.


Currently, Zimmer is defending over 1,000 legal cases based on claims that the firm's next generation knee implants may slacken early and cause pain. Other accusations have suggested that replacing the flawed implants calls for hurting and costly revision surgery.


Complainants have several lines of argument to show that zimmer knee recall is responsible for their knee problems, with many suggesting that they're victims of the implant's high rates of failure. Many of the failures can be tied to design flaws, in which case the manufacturer could be legally held liable for any resultant losses and damages.  In other claims, the manufacturer is accused of misinforming victims by means of false advertising or by not revealing serious health effects that were known to the firm already. There is also the line of reasoning that Zimmer made excessively optimistic claims about its knee implants which turned out not to be as viable as advertised. To learn more about Zimmer knee recalls, you can visit


If you went through the pain and inconvenience of a defective Zimmer knee implant or you required costly and painful revision surgery to fix your knee complication, you may have to file a Zimmer knee lawsuit to recover compensation and a sense of justice. It's important that you talk to your doctor/surgeon and a defective medical product attorney before filing the suit.  Essentially, contact your doctor/surgeon and a defective medical device lawyer before filing your claims.


There are indicators as to whether you should seek medical and legal help once you experience problems associated with your knee replacement. You should see a professional if you have difficulties walking or standing or you experience swelling and pain in the knee. Other knee conditions that require medical attention include looseness in the knee, requirement for revision surgery, and crunching or other strange sounds in the knee. Visit us at to get more facts on this case.


Your defective medical device attorney will attempt to connect your complication with a defective knee implant based on your medical report. When you sue in court, you'll be going for reimbursement for damages resulting from present-day and future costs of treatment, expenses for rehabilitation or home care, losses following lost income, damages for long-term disability, and non-quantifiable losses such as physical pain and emotional distress.


If you think your current knee complications are linked to the utilization of a Zimmer knee implant, there is a chance you can recover damages.